About us

We're a small group of friends that have been bodyboarding, windsurfing and doing/trying most other watersports for over 28 years; still not very good, but we love it!

After cancelling an order one day on a t-shirt I fell in love with, due to the price with shipping from Australia being close to £50, I decided to design and print some of my own for a surf trip to remember the time. This proved very popular, and they're now an annual thing, kind of like a badge of honor to say "I was there that year".
Following a some enquiries from people asking where we got our t-shirts, we decided to print some of the designs for all to buy.

Our company name comes from my personal/nerdy interest in Greek and Roman history. Procella is Latin for Wave, Storm and most things associated with the sea.

Clothing for those that do...
By those who do...